Refusal to Work on the Grounds of HSE Issues
"Stop Work"-Policy

Atlantic Petroleum’s culture and operating activities are conducted with a high priority for ethical standards. Being a responsible company in all of our operations is an integral part of Atlantic Petroleum and we continue to implement high ethical and practical standards in all our activities. Our goal is healthy, safe and secure operations that cause no incident, no harm to people, no damage to the environment, based on mutual cooperation.

Activities are undertaken with integrity, responsibility and respect for the environment and the community in which these activities take place. This entails conducting operations in an ethically and practically sound manner that minimises risks and places high priority on the safety of those involved in Atlantic Petroleum’s oil and gas operations.

Atlantic Petroleum welcomes any suggestions that could improve the safety of its operations and, where you believe there are breaches, you are empowered to “STOP WORK” and report such breaches to your manager.

We emphasize that any person on an Atlantic Petroleum owned or operated installation is responsible for his/her own safety and that of his/her fellow workers.

Unsafe practices and/or conditions must therefore be reported at once to the immediate supervisor or to the most senior Atlantic Petroleum representative at the location.

If you think that your report receives insufficient attention you may contact the site HSE Representative or the Atlantic Petroleum HSE Coordinator, who are charged by the company to handle your complaint in strict confidentiality.

In case your assigned activity, or the work conditions cause an immediate impact on the safety of yourself, others, the installation or the environment you have the right to refuse or STOP WORK.

April 2014 Stop Work Policy